LETTER: Idiots try to ruin Christmas in Market Rasen

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We have had numerous plant pots and plant’s stolen or vandalised at Granary Court over the year’s, along with Christmas light’s pulled down a few year’s ago on the eve of the Christmas market, but this morning reached an all time low, when we woke to find that some selfish, mindless person had taken a small Christmas tree from the front of our house.

This was my son’s little tree and he was very upset, we have no garden here, and pot’s and plant’s are just a small compensation.

Some people may think that we are asking for trouble putting them there, but why on earth should people have to give up thing’s that bring them and other’s pleasure, because of a mindless minority who have total disregard for others.

I can only think that these people are of such low intelligence that they can’t comprehend the upset that their action’s cause, or are they just so selfish that they don’t care.

I would have thought that even idiot’s would have been Christmas spirited, but obviously not!

J Webb

Market Rasen