LETTER: Help us cure Lincs NHS

Evidence from Mid-Staffordshire shows that concerns about hospital safety were well known about by staff but because of a management culture of cover-up and a lack of candour/accountability, the problems remained unchallenged for some time, with severe consequences for some patients.

In the wake of this scandal, an organisation called Cure the NHS was launched with its focus being on challenging the vested interests within the NHS, and seeking to ensure a focus on patient safety.

Locally there are concerns about issues such as ambulance response times. There has also been published, data suggesting our very own hospitals have poor safety levels, this resulting in the government actually in the process of sending in an external review team during the month of June.

Some people have commented that they wish to make representations to this investigation team, but have not been able to find out how they can do so.

In the light of this and wider concerns, we have launched ‘Cure the NHS Lincolnshire’.

The initial focus of our organisation is seeking to collate that information to ensure that it is brought to the attention of the External Review Team, together with other relevant information which we firmly believe impacts upon the safety of our care.

This is why we are calling upon patients, relatives and members of staff to let us know about their good or bad experiences through our web site www.CureNHSLincs.org.uk

This will be only a part of our work. It is well known that Lincolnshire NHS is poorly funded.

Our Hospitals being virtually the lowest funded in the whole of the country.

Not surprisingly, there is emerging evidence that low staffing levels have an impact on the quality of care.

In order to address these safety concerns, it is also necessary to fully understand why our elected representatives appear to have failed to address these long standing funding issues in Lincolnshire for such a long time.

Thank goodness the majority of us have reasons to be grateful for the care we have received from the NHS and its very hard working staff. At its best it is superb!

We hope we can contribute to building a more open and transparent NHS where its dedicated staff on the front line are properly resourced and supported, placing your safety firmly at its heart.

Our campaign and determination can only succeed with your help. Please take the time to visit our web site www.CureNHSLincs.org uk.

Jan Hansen