LETTER: Great Britain - Not what we used to be

Would this be just a coincidence or was this done purposely by an Editor who wants nothing better than to show the great change in our England from those days back in 1959 when the youth of yesteryear took pride in themselves that was “Second to None”, to those of today who I’m afraid because of an older generation who are not only letting down our youth have gone and let down themselves and their Country in the way they present themselves.

“Scouting about in Linwood Warren” . Page 4 and “Rasen Guides Enjoy International Camp”. Page 5 Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

And for those who think I’m brow beating once again, take a good look at the two photographs 1 x on page 4 and the other 1 x on page 5 for they in turn speak more words in them two photographs than any amount of words I can write on the demise of our youth.

For as the years go by it breaks my heart to see what we have become in the eyes of the world who now laugh at an England when not that many years ago were quaking in their boots with fright and terror if they but lifted one finger or managed to squeak one word in defying the Greatest Country in the World.

So may our past history be instilled into our young generation in the schools and may a backbone of Sheffield Steel be replaced by that European Jelly Hog Wash with a pride in the way one is seen throughout the world in saying “ I am Proud to be English for I Love My England “.

Nino Hoblyn