LETTER: Fuel Prices - Town penalised at petrol pump

Last September The Office of Fair Trading was asked to look into fuel prices.

One of the things they were asked to look at was if anti-competitive behaviour by supermarket chains and oil companies was making it impossible for independent retailers to compete.

It also investigated 
whether a shortage of competition in rural areas like ours, had resulted in higher prices.

However the OFT investigation findings published at the end of January rejected these claims, and instead blamed higher crude prices and increases in tax and duty for the increased prices at the pumps.

According to the OFT report, supermarkets have played a positively important role in petrol pricing, and that the markets are working in the interests of consumers and businesses.

I note at the time of writing Tesco Lincoln Unleaded is costing £132.9: Tesco Cleethorpes £1.33.9: and Tesco Market Rasen a whopping £1.35.9.

I leave you to draw 
your own conclusions 
on the OFT government backed report, but personally in a rural county like ours, 
I think we could have 
perhaps written a more statistically accurate report ourselves.

Graham Briggs

By e-mail