Letter: Every little is not helping at Tesco

I went into Tesco today to do my latest shop and also to take note of some of their money-saving offers.

Here are some examples: melons £2 each or 2 for £3, pineapples, £1.75 each or 2 for £3, oranges £2.40 for 4 or £3 for 8, carrots, £1 per bag or 3 bags for £2.50.

All these offers pose a problem for me – I don’t want that much at once and they are all perishable foods.

My wife and I are both retired (i.e. a household of 2) but what about people who are lioving on their own, especially if they are elderly and/or on a tight budget? If they don’t run a car, they would have problems carrying large quatities anyway. I might also point out that sometimes it actually works against the store because I might fancy, say some strawberries, but because I would have to buy 2 lots to get the best price, I don’t bother.

Cooked meats are often offered at 3 for the price of 2. Who wants that much cooked meat unless they have a big family?

Then there’s mile at £1.72 or 2 for £3. I can cope with that. Meat is typically £3 per pack or 4 for £10 and I can cope with that too because meat can be frozen, but still, I would prefer to have the choice.

I could quote many other examples, but what I want to know is why are older couples (no children) and especially people living on their own consistently discriminated against? If they can sell me 2 melons for £3 that suggest that £2 each is excessive.

But the latest, and most infuriating trick, is that the cash discount vouchers given out to reguilar shoppers (club members) can now only be cashed if your are spending £50 or more and then only over quite a limited period.

I rarely want to do that as I prefer to go more often and once again, it must be worse for single people.

Sometimes they offer 5p/litre discount on petrol if £50 or more is spent in store and I sometimes go for that. But actually, their normal petrol prices are a few pence up on the same store’s prices in Lincoln.

Everything seems to be aimed at persuading us to spend more money than we really want to.

So, when are Tesco going to start thinking about the needs of their customers rather than the size of their turnover? I suppose that, sadly, the answer to that is never.

Mike Robinson

Willingham Road

Market Rasen.