Letter: Europe debate - EU needs us, not the other way round

I read with utter contempt the letter from Guy Grainger with regard to why we should stay in the E.U. (Market Rasen Mail November 20th 2013).

And where may I ask is this country, “ Britain ?”, because correct me if I’m wrong, “No Such Country Exists”.

This is England, with its own flag, the Cross of St. George. Would Scotland or Wales tolerate being called” Britain?”, I doubt it very much.

Instead of the ridiculous scare mongering and falsifications by all the main parties who really are, no matter what they say, desperate to stay in this corrupt and discriminating union. Lets have a few facts why this great big gobbling cuckoo has become a ball and chain around our necks.

While we are at it, why do our politicians fail to inform the indigenous population that we, “Do Not Need a referendum on Leaving the E.U.?”. It is “Set in Stone”, that we may leave it anytime we wish to, written into “Law” upon joining in the first place, and here are just a very few but vital reasons why we should, “Exit Immediately”.

It cost the English Taxpayers £53 million sterling, “Every Single Day”.

No matter what they say about curbing migration and immigration, including any African that sets foot on any European soil having the right to come here, they will not.

The E.U by stealth, with the aid of parliament, is removing or destroying what is left of Industry in England, examples are Billion Pound Contracts for New rail rolling stock handed to Germany, Wind Turbine Manufacturing handed to Sweden.

Warship contracts handed to Scotland, beef farming given to N/Ireland and Scotland at the expense of the English Farming Industry and with 8 out of 10 jobs when available here given to migrants, the list is endless.

On January 1st, Romanians and Bulgarians will have the right to come here.

Does no-one remember the news footage from when freedom of movement in the E.U was forced upon us? at midnight that very day thousands of coaches rolled off the ferried and mass migration started, it will happen again mark my words.

People in the Republic of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are living in Poverty, Starving to Death and Community Suicide en masse, and every country is leaving livestock to die, turning loose their valuable race horses and throwing their pets out, all tragic victims of the Euro Currency, which is Dead in the Water. Contrary to the rest of Europe not wanting to “Do Business” with us if we exit this gargantuan monster, they will be desperate to continue. For we do not need the E.U, Mr Grainger, it is them who need us.

G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor