LETTER: Euro Zone Vote - No time to be flippant on EU

On the matter of EU membership our good friend GP Hoblyn, who usually delights us with a well turned out argument has, overplayed her pitch. (Market Rasen Mail 25th December 2013).

There is an instinctive reaction to vote NO to EU membership because we rightly feelslighted by the Council of Europe’s edicts overruling the will of our parliament.

Also, the burden of accepting EU citizens’ rightsof free movement throughout Europe is galling and many consider this needs challenging.

But on these issues defiance by voting NO to Europe will not work to our advantage anymore.

This is not “Backs against the wall” Second World War territory, it requires a more subtle and businesslike response.

The unpalatable reality of our economic situation needs to be grasped before the emotional euphoria of defiance is exercised.

Recent government policy ( ie since 1970) has left us with huge tracts of our economy run by foreign companies.

They are here because, just like our companies then, they could not get into Europe to trade.

After our entry in 1973 they could however come here and use Britain as their entry point for the European Market.

Why? Because our ineffectual management, our over militant unions, along with our crisis ridden balance of payments economy of the 1970s resulted in a decision to pursue an open trading policy with the rest of the world.

This included the freedom to buy up British Companies.

So, many of our best loved products and companies are now foreign owned.

Over the years they have bought and control our utilities, water and power generation, our railway regional companies, our car companies, our steel and food companies.

We don’t own these companies and their boards can re-locate them abroad anytime economic circumstances change.

Leaving the EU will not get them back. Our future prosperity relies on these companies being successful here and exporting.

We are already struggling to find the money to pay welfare and our health and education.

We already have a huge debt problem. We still have a huge balance of payments deficit. No time to be flippant, heavy handed and superior.

UKIP are pulling the wrong levers in their ignorance and should be told that.

I agree immigration holds some genuine fears and the government should get a grip on numbers.

However voting NO to the EU will unravel the economic strategy of 30 years and possibly return us to the basket case we were in during the 70’s and 80’s.

Britain has talent in a tolerant society conducive to business and enterprise.

These qualities will prove decisive, creating a Europe capable of holding its own in a hostile economic world.

Ignore the petty grips of UKIP, hold your nerve and we will come through.

Ken Griffin