Help to improve times

In the recent election I highlighted the need for a return to Lincolnshire control of our own Ambulance service, sadly already you highlight in a recent Market Rasen Mail the report of a young man who had to wait for far too long for an ambulance, also that this not the first time at De Aston School.

A broken arm is serious, but reports of road accidents over the last several years and people with strokes 
and heart attacks experiencing long delays have been far to common, where would we have been without our wonderful LIVES and first responders in this far flung rural county, one shudders to think.

Six years ago when the Labour minister insisted on regionalising the service, despite a motion brought forward at a meeting of the county council by myself and supported with a large majority against regionalisation of the service, it was obvious that the large centres of population in the East Midlands would draw our share of ambulance service away from us.

This of course is denied, however the proof is there for all to see with EMAS response times around the worst in the country.

Currently Coun Mrs Christine Talbot, chairman of the Lincolnshire health scrutiny committee, 
is campaigning for the return of the service to Lincolnshire,

I urge anybody with evidence of unacceptable delays to e mail me cllrc.strange@lincolnshire.gov.uk and I will pass on your information to Mrs Christine Talbot and Her committee.

Best wishes and thanks to those who voted in re-electing me for the Ancholme cliff.

Lewis Strange

Lincolnshire County 
Councillor for Ancholme Cliff