LETTER: E-petition to save libraries

Already, the number of signatures on the many individual petitions raised throughout Lincolnshire has reached into the 10s of thousands.

If all of these could be amalgamated it could make a massive impact on the ‘proposed’ closures and cut-backs on Library Services.

To do this I have posted a petition on the Government e-Petition website.

10,000 signatures will force the department for Culture and Media to make a response to us; 100,000 would get the issue of this draconian reduction in our library services discussed in parliament.

Our rights to an efficient library service is our heritage. Fought hard for by the working classes over several decades, their success being eventually enshrined in the Libraries Act 1964.

We deserve to be heard, not just in Council Chambers on the 13th September, but also in Parliament.

Lincolnshire libraries have already been subject to cuts and this next round will take our service down to the lowest possible, legally acceptable limit.

For all those who would like to vote on the Government Petition, here are the details:

Google: Government petitions, click: See all petitions type in search box: Library closures, Lincolnshire, Click: VOTE

The site sends you an email which you must open in order to have your vote included.

Coun Anne Reynolds

By Email