LETTER: Don’t agree with Queen’s Birthday Honours

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I cannot believe we have given a Gainsborough farmer an MBE, especially for animal welfare.

I am not saying the pigs are mistreated in any way at all, but intensive farming where the pigs are reared inside pens, they do not see daylight until they are brought out to be made into bacon or sausages.

They would benefit from a life outside which is a more natural life for an animal.

Farm shops with cafes are built from money from Government grants, which is public money and farmers make huge personnel profits from these and never pay anything back into the system: and then we give them a medal?.

We have a lot of people in villages who are more worthy, doing charity work and helping people for no profit to themselves. These are the people who should get a medal.

I would like to add, well done and congratulations to Edward Leigh MP on his knighthood.

He does deserve his award.

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