Letter: Dogs on leads - Alright for the young and able

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Regarding Caistor Town Council’s refusal to change the ‘dogs on lead’ order on the 3.5 acre field below Caistor Sports Field.

I wrote to ask for a change to allow dogs free exercise, training and play on this area. My reply letter said it was “NO” on the grounds of “Health & Safety”. Certainly not my health or safety or that of my dog.

The reasoning that there are plenty of areas outside town is unfair. Of course there are walks all around the town and beyond. I have arthritis in my feet and knees making long distances, especially up and down hills, often difficult. Also I do not have a car to drive to woods etc.

Another point is my age. Being of the older age group, and usually on my own, I feel vulnerable in open countryside. In this I am not alone. It is mainly older people and often older dogs too, enjoying a natural free exercise. (There are not packs of loose marauding dogs on the field.

We are not all fit youngsters able to walk miles over rough terrain.

Even the RSPCA ask councils not to blanket ban dogs from free play but to designate areas in town for this purpose (Welfare Animal Act).

The kids have lots of areas in the town and only vandalism seems to take place on the field including the sports field too.

Dogs on or off the lead 
will not make any difference to dog fouling at all. Only responsible dog ownership will fix this.

By the way, can you put the foxes on leads and clear up their mess, it’s all over the field.

I try to walk much further once a week in these rural areas (dodging the dog mess) and often have to spend the rest of the day recovering.

Pity such a decision was made to enforce “dogs on leads” to the detriment of all responsible dog owners.

People have left the field area including the sports bit and it is not as looked after.

Thanks to the two councillors that voted to change the ban on the older end of the age group.

Janet Gladding