Letter: Dog fouling - There are good owners

With regard to the article about the crackdown on enviro-crime in Caistor (litter, fly tipping and dog fouling).

We are in full agreement, but please leave responsible dog owners alone.

We pick up after our dogs (we often pick up after other people’s dogs).

We see if anything is wrong as we walk around the town and report it, we also pick up litter when we walk our dogs.

In addition we believe that the council is very anti-dog without a lead in their green spaces.

When you have trained your dog properly you can safely let them off the lead and be in control and not be a danger to others.

The fine for being off lead is unnecessary and another attempt of the council to make money.

So don’t persecute the majority because of a small minority who don’t care about their community, because we do.

Mr & Mrs Wright