LETTER: Does our MP really believe the Conservatives will win the next General Election?

I must add optimism to the list of our loyal MPs personal characteristics, in that he believes the Conservatives will be returned with a majority in 2015, unencumbered by their present bedfellows.

This discounts the feeling of betrayal felt by voters thinking about the Government’s track record. Of course much has been achieved recovering the economy, but we still have many people on the breadline who rely on soup kitchens to keep alive.

The Prime Minister’s already tarnished image has been made worse by the fact that the ‘expenses fidler’ Miller, was forced to resign, not by his direction, but by the power of the press and the vox populi.

There remains in the mind of the public that a nucleus of MPs believe her only sin is that she was found out, not that she acted dishonestly.

Christians are taught to forgive their enemies. Forgiveness, I hope, does not preclude action at the ballet box against a party that has betrayed their beliefs with controversial legislation.

Every April I am reminded that the pensioners age related tax allowance is no longer in existence due to the Conservative Government.

The failure to take action over the closure of village, and town, pubs,, often the centres of rural communities, not to mention the intransigence over the urgent need for positive direction to the power companies regarding the urgent need for new power stations.

A new airport, one hub in the London area...I could go on.

I believe the present Prime Minister needs to be taught a salutary lesson by those who feel badly treated.

The European elections present a unique opportunity for this. A low cost one at that, if you believe we are ultimately going to leave Europe, vote for the unmentionables!

Their leader seems mainly focused in one direct, but is a beer drinker, which is to be commended.

Lest we forget.

Paul Snell