LETTER: De Aston Location great for sport

It was with great interest that I read your recent article regarding the purchase and proposed use of the De Aston Field site, in particular the fact that part of this site will be developed for “adult recreation”.

As a current member of the Market Rasen Bowls Club I felt it important to highlight that this Club has existed in the Town for over 75 years and during this time brought an important sporting facility to this town with little, if any, financial burden.

However, unfortunately, it is now common knowledge that the continued existence of this club is under question.

The playing membership is ever dwindling and more importantly the state of the green is now showing its’ 75+ years age and is, arguably, no longer of an acceptable standard to be fit for play in the local leagues. In addition the current club finances, even given a community chest grant, are not sufficient to meet a complete refurbishment of the green.

In my opinion therefore the club should be “wound up” and the ground sold for the future development of the Town as a whole.

Having said that the loss of a bowls facility to this town would, in my opinion, be seriously detrimental.

Which brings me to the crux of the letter.

Given that part of the De Aston Field Site has been designated for “adult recreation”, it seems to me to be an ideal location for a modern lawn/indoor bowls facility, perhaps with a multi-function use ie. tennis/badminton etc. This would then continue to bring a much needed asset to this Town given its continual adult population growth.

I plant this seed of thought in the hope that it may flourish.

Phil Taylor

By email