LETTER: Coalition has helped our part of Lincolnshire

This has been an incredible year for our country – the world has been watching us – and we have exceeded expectations.

Our economic outlook is still gloomy, but we have all enjoyed occasions such as the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics. I can’t remember quite how many gatherings I visited over the Jubilee weekend, but it was fantastic to see a community spirit in Gainsborough drawing people together. 
This community spirit nationally has manifested itself as a fighting spirit – people, wherever you look, are determined not to be beaten by the doomsday prophecies given to us by economists and others.

In an end of year address by the Prime Minister David Cameron, I was reminded just how many beneficial things the Coalition has succeeded in doing this year. Many of these things are going to have a direct impact on your daily lives. I would most like to point out the following:

The deficit has been cut by an estimated £13 billion

500,000 extra people have jobs compared to this time last year

Income tax bills have fallen for 24 million workers

Fuel Duty and Council Tax have both been frozen

These changes will have tangible benefits to the Gainsborough economy. At the same time as supporting many of our Coalition’s goals, regular readers will know that there have times when I have had to depart from their policy agenda to best represent people locally and nationally. My opposition to on shore wind turbines remains, I am proud to have ensured constitutional reform in the House of Lords did not go ahead, and as we head into 2013 I will do my utmost to oppose any redefinition of marriage. 
Many readers write to me regularly in Westminster, and I am always fascinated to hear what you are thinking. Thank you for the support I have received this year.

I hope that I will continue to represent you to the highest standard in 2013. I have been interested to see that some constituents have recently written to request copies of all my speeches in the House; this is a brilliant way of keeping an eye on what I have been up to.

Issues which are going to be high on my agenda at the start of the New Year include: transport – in terms of lobbying for improvements in our trains, buses and roads, energy – continuing to oppose the destruction of natural beauty around the constituency, and of course the economy – doing everything I can within the Coalition to ensure a quick recovery. 
All that remains for me to do at this point is to wish every reader a peaceful and merry Christmas season, and a joyful New Year.

I encourage as many of you as possible to write to me with your concerns in the hope that I will be best able to represent you.

Edward Leigh

MP for Gainsborough Ward