LETTER: Caistor - Why not have a dog park?

Am I mistaken but shouldn’t the local council work for all the local people and not against them?

I would imagine a lot of votes came from dog owners in Caistor, but their views don’t seem to count.

If you want to let your dog off the lead in Caistor you have to trudge up muddy tracks, barring that you have to put your dog in the car and go somewhere else.

As Coun Kate Galligan says “We do not live in the centre of a massive town”, but if you do not have transport its a big problem, because all green spaces in Caistor are banned to dogs not on a lead (Does she own a dog ?).

Why don’t the council consider turning the field in question into a dog park instead of spending our money on signs and dog wardens.

I’m sure the residents of Shooters Dale and Kelsway would rather have that instead of another noisy football pitch.

What’s wrong with juniors using the pitch that’s already there?

I would like to thank the Mayor and Alan Caine for standing up for dog owners.

We are not the enemy and I think you will find that if the sports fields are being used by children we walk somewhere else until they have finished.

But if its taken seven years to decide what to do with the field, I don’t hold out much hope for a resolution.

Mrs Wright