LETTER: Caistor - Cannot park to support trade

As a supporter of my local community, I feel obliged to support the local businesses of Caistor, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to park to convenience shop in Caistor at various times.

Prime example,March 5 2014, I called at the Co-Op Caistor, but the car-park was chokka block with cars some parked wherever they could find space .

Yet the three businesses on the stretch were not chokka block with customers, so suspect there was something on at the Town Hall.

Not a fan of private parking controls (got stung in B&Q Grimsby once), but feel such persecution could be an answer, as otherwise Caistor could just become another suburb of Grimsby/Scunthorpe as local businesses die with the lack of trade.

Ross Grayson

Rothwell, nr.Caistor