LETTER: Business boost - Town is well served really

£250,000 to boost Rasen high street economy (your headline recently) requiring the intellectual support of two Manchester professors over six years.

I ask, is this another mindless quango involving more unnecessary expenditure in these straitened times?

Such intellectual assistance might have been more appropriate some 15 years ago before the arrival of our two modern supermarkets.

Today they service our present community of 7,000 people with an almost unlimited range of domestic products.

Our community also enjoys the specialised services of a post office, euronics (Rhodes Electic), two butchers, two bakers (no candlestick makers), two DIYs, two bakers, a chemist, various clothing shops, three chip shops, various eating establishments, many and various businesses on the industrial estate, our own Rasen Mail and of course, not forgetting, Mary Portas, who has, we are told, already solved most of our commercial problems already, including the MR BIG monthly market, (I apologise for any businesses overlooked in this list).

Readers will now, I hope, agree our town is well endowed with all manner of supporting services considering its relatively small population.

So what is this problem that requires such a large, time consuming operation?

Certainly one must sympathise with the number of smaller shops on our high street, which reguarly fail to survive, but this is surely evolution at work.

Today’s shoppers will aim to shop in as few places as possible, for the widest range of products at the most competitive prices.

In conclusion (a new year thought and a separate issue in many ways but with efficiency and economy in mind) isn’t it time that Market, Middle and West Rasen be combined since they share so many complementary and common factors?

Ron Jones

Market Rasen