LETTER: Bowls Club - We are a third sector service

I thought you might want to publicise the definition of the third sector organisations on behalf of those who run these valuable community assets in Market Rasen, to assist the Town Council.

It doesn’t matter if you own your facility, It’s what you do and offer that matters.

Voluntary and community organisations are also known as ‘third sector’ organisations, as they are separate from the public and private sectors.

They are value-led organisations established for social purposes rather than the pursuit of profit and they reinvest surpluses to help tackle issues facing people and the planet.

They include:

* registered and unregistered charities

* co-operatives

*friendly societies

*industrial and provident societies

* not-for-profit companies

*not-for-profit unincorporated associations (this is community sports clubs)

We expect organisations with a membership to be open to all and allow anyone to join, unless there is a good reason why this is not appropriate.

At the moment it may be the failure of receiving help from the Town Council that causes us to fail to offer the facility to all

Elizabeth Bryson

Secretary of Market Rasen Bowls Club