LETTER - Bowls club - Upset by town council view

We are very upset over a statement made to the Market Rasen Mail by a Town councillor called John Matthews that we are `elitist’ and a very private group.

We are a social enterprise run by volunteers.

Membership of a bowling club is required by the Bowling Authorising bodies if an individual wants to compete.

With us, anyone can join but competition does depend on their application being approved by those who run the leagues.

Unfortunately from time to time applications have been turned down by those who run the leagues, due to a history of anti social behaviour by an individual.

That is not elitism, but the sign of good management on behalf of the majority who play with good humour and sportsmanship.

Non members - the general public can use our facilities. Our Spring Summer programme is to be published at the end of March, making us similar to any out door sport facility run by councils.

We are recognised as a third sector body. However our intention to open up the sport to such as the disabled, deaf, and those with mental disadvantages is being curtailed due to such as the ignorant remarks made by councillor’s who should know better.

We note that no mention was made in the statement that the refurbishment - in particular a disabled toilet or repairs to the current ones - was to ensure that all members of the communities could be involved.

Specifically the disabled toilet and other necessary adjustment that would mean that the sport could be offered to those who use wheel chairs.

Why was none of this information provided to the press?

The paperwork supplied with the application contained all of this.

We feel that we have no other alternative but to make an official complaint to the Chairman of the Town Council

Elizabeth Bryson,