LETTER: Bleasby Moor Against Development’s position on farm

I am writing on behalf of BMAD (Bleasby Moor Against Development) concerning the planning application for a broiler unit close to the village. There was a piece about this in the MRM last week and subsequent media coverage.

I would like to challenge some media comments and clarify the objectors case.

1. There has been a chicken layers unit close to Bleasby Moor for many years. They were built when the planning laws were far different than they are now. The application would see these demolished and in its place eight huge broiler units will be constructed. These will house 312,000 Chickens.

2. A broiler unit operation is completely and totally different to that of a layers unit.

3. A layers unit has a cycle of 54 weeks during which the newly delivered hens lay and are then removed for a fresh batch. Also taking place are three clearing out operations, a daily collection of eggs and the filling of the feed hoppers.

4. The broiler cycle is 40 days, during which time there will be the delivery of the day old chicks, The filling of 24 feed hoppers on a regular basis, the removal of the mature birds, cleaning out of the units, removing the manure, the washing out of the units and the removal of the foul water in tankers, a total of 145 HGV movements during the 40 day cycle, many during the early hours so as to deliver the mature birds to the processing factory for 7am.

5. Also of much concern to the residents of Bleasby Moor are the health implications of the 72 roof chimneys and fans discharging into the atmosphere pollutants and unwanted particles that will blow directly downwind to our village. All the components of the broiler cycle described will be happening within 150 metres of the village. This is far too close for such a large scale development. WLDC have a policy which states that no Industrial Livestock Unit should be built within 400 metres of residential property. This policy is government backed.

6. There are also the visual aspects to consider and the extra HGV traffic that will be driving over our local lanes which are in a parlous state of repair. We have no objection to poultry units per se but they should be located ‘In The Middle Of Nowhere’, so that nobody is unduly disturbed.

7. The residents of Bleasby Moor are not, as has been suggested, Incomers, Townies and Nimbys that know nothing of country life and should move away if they don’t like it. Most villagers have been resident for many years, have brought up families, and have strong ties to the village. They are very concerned about a future living very close to a broiler unit which is completely different to anything that has gone before. They don’t want to leave but continue living in Bleasby Moor but without a huge broiler unit literally next door.

Andrew White

Press and media spokesman BMAD.