LETTER: BBC - Less sports and more pap then

What an amazing heritage of sports we have, so much to be proud of, to enjoy, to cheer at, to watch when we desire?

Not anymore, thanks to Auntie Beeb.

Oh indeed, the BBC are at it again, relinquishing the rights to broad cast another very fine sport, the Moto GP and given the most incredible and exciting racing I have ever seen at our home GP at Silverstone, it leaves me scratching my head in disbelief.

Not for very long, it really is very simple, it is because all the sport on this channel are so very ENGLISH and so very ENJOYABLE.

Oh no, goodness me, we can’t have that can we, the indigenous population watching the very best in the world and the feel good factor that generates in us which gives national pride. Heaven Forbid.

Even the London Olympic Games were quite deliberately shot down in flames on Government orders with the blazing debacle of ‘Operation Yew Tree’ and the constant drumming on about the economy, which is the catalyst of poor management of recent Government and of course the EU and overseas campaigns and the financial black hole in Africa.

We are force fed constant TV pap of violent soaps, ridiculous pop contests where the world and his dog thinks they are all super-talented, endless same old cooking, antique and buy homes to do up and charge ludicrous rents shows, which turn the population into thinking that life is a ‘get rich quick scheme’ for everybody to lift us out of the depression and doldrums of reality and hide the truth, which really is that everyday the treason and abuse of the population by those in charge is never brought out into the public realm.

We are all being held to ransom by the banks, the draining away of our industry and the flogging off of the country’s assets, sports included (thank goodness for ITV4).

If you want to know the truth, the absolute truth, may I recommend everyone turn to freeview channel 85, R-T and particularly to watch the amazing Keiser Report. It will show you the contempt in which we are held by our own hierarchy. It is a sobering reality check.

Mrs G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor