LETTER: Armed conflict - Sick of our ‘relationship’

Disgust add outright fury are the only polite vocabulary I can put on paper, along with weariness at this Governments dogged insistence on supporting what has become the largest terrorist organisation the world has ever seen, namely the United States of America’s Government.

We are all truly sick to death of being dragged into Middle Eastern conflicts on hearsay, falsification of evidence and the orders of an upper hierarchy, pulling all the strings for mineral wealth, territory and settling age old racial scores, to name a few.

We are constantly bombarded with the phrase, “Our Special Friendship with America”.

Considering the last century of helping themselves to England’s very finest technological inventions and superior engineering and the brain drain to further their own aspirations, what did we ever receive in return?. Oh Yes! , I forgot, the “Liberty Ships” the completely un-seaworthy dilapidated, rusting old crates not fit to sail on a duck pond, considering what they really cost us.

What, one asks, have they received in return? They took our H-Bomb, to pioneer the Atom Bomb. Without our technology and advanced rocket engineering there would have been no Saturn or Apollo missions and Neil Armstrong would not of taken a “Giant Leap for Mankind”.

Incidentally, they also helped themselves to Germany’s finest brains for that one, remember the V-2?

The worst, the very worst, was the destruction of the finest aircraft the world has ever seen, our very own T-S-R-2, paid for by the English, revered by the RAF. and those who designed and built her flew her.

She was well and truly scuppered by the American Government who were trying to promote the F1-11, aided by of all people, our very Lord Louis Mountbatten who wanted the Buccaneer B2 to be the preferred choice. “The Murder of the T-S-R-2”. Many of the finest engineers left us after this tragic debacle and ended up in the U.S.A, where surprise, surprise the Lockheed S-R-71 Blackbird appeared, followed by the Stealth Fighters and Bombers which command the skies today. The most tragic of all are all the armed forces service personnel we have lost and are still losing to “Our Special friendship”, including Lee Rigby. What a heavy price to pay. Yours most angrily

Mrs G.P Hoblyn