Letter are written with very best interests of Horncastle at heart

EDITOR – I would like to thank Mr Cyril Smith for reminding me that I am not getting any younger, that he is an avid reader of the paper and I can’t let Mr Smith down by not replying to his letter in the Horncastle News on September 21.

All my letters regarding any subject of interest or concern to the town are written with the best interests of the town at heart and are based on the overwhelming support that the Town Plan Action Group receives on many matters.

The comments reflect the town’s concerns and aspirations and rightly so.

I merely take responsibility for passing on these comments.

Despite Mr Smith thinking I am an “old and retired do gooder” and “strongly opinionated” it would be inappropriate for me, on behalf of the TPAG, other groups in the town and the residents of Horncastle to make any comment regarding the pros and cons of shopping at Tesco or the Co-op and staff morale.

That is for the management of individual stores to address and the staff that work there to bring to their manager’s attention.

Any uncertainty relating to Tesco was not helped by Tesco’s Ms Gosling and her threat to “pull out of Horncastle” if they don’t get planning approval at Lincoln Road.

I personally invite Mr Smith to the Chamber of Commerce meeting on October 20 at 6pm at the Admiral Rodney Hotel.

The Chamber are already running a campaign for free car parking on market days.

Regarding Mr Smith’s concerns relating to “improved cleaning facilities,” he needs to speak, and or write, to his ward councillors who are also town councillors or he can express his concerns in the public participation section of the October 11 town council meeting.

Finally, the “Editors note” clearly defines the position of the Horncastle News in the Tesco debate.

They have always supported Tesco remaining in Horncastle but NOT on the Lincoln Road.


Chairman of the Town Plan Action Group.