Let’s protect our habitat

EDITOR – I am writing to you as a very concerned resident of Caistor and a lover of nature.

My concerns are the so-called projects of Caistor in Bloom. I noticed around a week and a half ago they started clearing the bank below the allotments on North Kelsey Road.

I, along with other residents, thought they were just tidying it up a little. But, to my disgust, they have chopped down every single shrub and plant, including a very old and beautiful dog rose, and it is now totally stripped bare to the soil.

Surely they know that animals, birds and insects lived in the ivy bank they destroyed, not to mention the badger that lives there every summer and uses it as a source of food; as did the hedgehog.

Many insects hibernate for the winter in the bank, and as we all know, bees and insects are very much in decline – and we wonder why, because this work was done at totally the wrong time of the year and to the extreme.

We live in a rural area; these people should be enhancing areas towards wildlife and encouraging bees and insects rather than destroying their habitat.

Too much has been destroyed in Lincolnshire over the years, such as meadows and native hedging.

As a community we all need to encourage bees and insects. Caistor in Bloom seem to want to destroy every tree and shrub in the community for some reason, with no thought for the effect on wildlife at all.

I know for a fact we had thrushes very close to where I live, but now Caistor in Bloom has been they are no longer there. Maybe they thought thrushes nest in trees?

Maybe at one of their meetings they should include a book reading on wildlife and plants. But, to be honest, I don’t think anything would sink in some of their heads.

What part of our beautiful town are they going to destroy next? Who are these people held accountable to? Did they get permission to do this so-called project? Why can’t anyone get any answers?

Many residents have voiced their concerns to me in conversation and told me that they have contacted various committee members of Caistor in Bloom, only to have their concerns and comments ignored.

I for one can no longer stand by and watch this destruction of my town and its wildlife population.

Hopefully this letter will make people think about the unseen damage caused by their projects.