Let’s not waste £92k grant

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EDITOR – I do think it is a disgrace that an employee of our local government gets a pay-out for dismissal for gross misconduct of £27,000. Surely they could have made him redundant at much less cost, or even just sack him as he had not been employed for more than two years?

Also, surely it should be a requirement of employees of the county councils that they cannot work for or run another business while working for a public authority, like the police?

Don’t they earn enough money, in this case £80,000pa. Where will he pop up next, and does this appear on his records, and does the next authority check up on him?

Why should the tax payer foot the bill? Also surely the person who took him on should be accountable?

Only today Mr Vince Cable was on TV stating that the banks are not going to be allowed to make such payments. At present with private companies it’s not so easy, but the WLDC is a public entity.

Just another issue that makes me cross. What are we doing with the money given to Market Rasen, £92,000?

We seem to be using it like promoting a football club, selling mugs, umbrellas, T-shirts, instead of putting the money to good use to promote local businesses and to clean up the town and to encourage the town’s businesses to promote themselves and their businesses. They need our help.

Surely we, the public, need to see a budget and agree it before the money is spent and not wasted on advertising.

Let’s help and encourage the owners of businesses to grow and employ more people to make Market Rasen more successful and not waste money, like the grant for the Market Place was used a few years ago.

James Robinson

By email