Let’s have an election to ensure democratic town

EDITOR – It appears that openness and democracy are at last coming to Market Rasen.

At the finance and planning meeting of Market Rasen Town Council, the mayor made reference to my letter, which was printed in your paper some two weeks ago.

I had complained that at the last council meeting that they had discussed some eight different papers that we, as members of the public, had not seen.

He had agreed with the points I had raised and proposed the following:

1. There would be a folder in the library and the Hub which would contain not only the agenda, but relevant papers.

2. Copies of the proposed papers would be available online for public to read online.

3. Printed copies of papers would be available for public to read some 20 minutes before any council meeting.

However, let us beware of complacency, for I agree with Mr Hine’s letter last week about how councillors should pull together to effect change.

In their defence, they would appear quite powerless to try to implement the 7.5tns limit in George Street. Let us urge them to make strong representations to West Lindsey and Lincolnshire County Council as only they have the power to enforce this regulation.

To continue on this road to true open democracy and to allow councillors to pull together, is it not time we had an election?

At the last election date in May 2011 only seven councillors out of the 12 council members put their names forward for election. This leaves five who have been co-opted - representing whom?

As we now appear to have started on this road to democracy and transparency, I believe that all councillors should have the courage of their convictions, resign and submit their names for a democratic election.

Nigel Cook

Market Rasen