Leisure centre - Listen to the electorate

I have read your article written by the Conservative Candidates who are going to stand in the May elections (Market Rasen Mail March 6).

I am absolutely staggered by their reaction to the residents of Market Rasen. How dare we suggest nobody might use it, or it needs a swimming pool !!!!

I would suggest that Cordelia, John and Thomas should remember that they are representing the people, ie the electorate, not themselves.

They appear not to be willing to listen to their electorate, They would much rather get something wrong, waste our money, £6.3 million, be happy that they got it wrong, but be pleased they had tried - and leave us with an ugly leisure centre building built on a green wedge.

What ??????

I also note the following, I quote: “It would be imprudent of the council to invest in a swimming pool which might not be sustainable with unknown local demand”. I would say it would be imprudent to invest in a leisure centre which might not be sustainable with unknown local demand.

I feel we are building a £6.3 million pound leisure centre, with no idea whether anybody is going to use it.

Do we know how much it is going to cost to join it, use the football area, or even park the car?

Have we actually surveyed the population of the Market Rasen area into the useage of the facility? A simple exercise surely.

If it turned out to be a resounding no, we could save £6.3.million !!

Then design a new swimming pool for Market Rasen. If there were any savings, we could invest it in to the Police budget and provide Police Officers walking the beat in the Market Rasen area.

Perhaps Cordelia, John and Thomas could tell us?

I do hope Market Rasen residents see through this failure to represent the people of our Town, and perhaps we should vote accordingly.

Ray M Ogg

By email