LEGALITIES - Tractor runs aren’t right

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Having read your articles regarding Barnetby tractor road run, the Barnetby resident was correct in stating that some of the drivers were breaking HSE rules by having young children under the age of 11+ riding on tractors and trailers.

On May 14 Wendy Broughton stated that all the tractors were using white diesel. But then on May 28 John Weston says some tractors were using white diesel, some were sing red diesel. Red diesel is not allowed for use in tractors for road runs.

He also states that all the tractors are tested, where you get agricultural tractors tested I do not know.

Money raised for good causes is a must, but how can it be done when breaking the law?

Does Wendy Broughton and John Weston think it would be correct to tell the police, if they stopped you for a traffic offence, that you were going to donate £10 to a charity and by doing this they would let you off?

There seems to be one of these tractor runs nearly every week somewhere in the county. Sooner or later I am sure VOSA will be taking an interest, then we will see who is correct.

My view is that you are wrong.

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