Kind Stranger - Thank you for helping me after my heart attack

On January 18, I was unfortunate to suffer a heart attack having just driven into the Newmarket car park in Louth.

My wife phoned for an ambulance but there wasn’t one available. 
A lady sitting in her car next to mine realised we need help. She quickly and calmly helped me into her car and took us to the Urgent Care Centre at Louth Hospital.

The emergency team there were amazing and quickly stabilised my condition.

I was then transferred to Lincoln County Hospital where they have a top rated cardiology unit. They quickly performed a coronary angioplasty.

I would like to say a big thank you to the lady who took us to the hospital, and the Urgent Care Centre staff at Louth Hospital. I would also like to thank Lincoln Cardiology Unit. Because of all the prompt action, the damage to my heart was kept to a minimum and won’t stop me leading an almost normal life.

Thank you to the kindness of a stranger (unfortunately, we didn’t get her details) and our wonderful medical emergency services.

Clive Mossop