Just who is responsible for waste of ‘our’ £63k?

Editor – Having sought advice re the waste of over £63,000 of local tax payers’ money to remove contaminated ‘top soil’ from the Mill Road playing field, it seems local government is able to spend our money without being answerable to us!

I admire the hard work of the young lads who started this, but why was the town council not controlling this. It was responsible for this project from the outset two years ago, when they applied for planning permission for the ‘dirt jumps’.

If this had been a commercial project then a thorough investigation into why there were no checks and controls and why no formal contracts would have resulted in the answers to those questions and, more importantly, ideas how to reclaim this large sum of money.

The questions I keep coming back to are: Who were the ‘donors’ of this ‘top soil’? Did they know that the soil was not ‘clean’? Don’t they feel any moral responsibility to the local taxpayers? Don’t they feel they should recompense the local taxpayers?

If not, then we can all look forward to paying more in the local element of our council tax bill so this loss can be recouped by our town council – no doubt to waste on other things we will have no control over.

Hazel Barnard

Market Rasen

By email