Jubilee picnic for everyone?

EDITOR – With reference to your article on page six of the 30/05/2012 edition on North Kelseys Giant Picnic.

I see you reported everyone received an invite. When my mother, who is registered blind, received her invite, being unable to read what it said, she asked the lady who delivered it if she could read it to her,

The lady retorted she hadn’t time to read it and walked off.How very charitable a gesture.

I wish North Kelsey well with its event, but my mother will now be attending an event at Keelby, where the people welcome all warmly – and it is a village which is always willing to help others less fortunate.

It’s a shame the organisers of North Kelsey’s event did not go about their duties in the same manner, and have made sure my mother will not be attending.

David Sharpe

By email