It was unfair for PCSO to target me

EDITOR – I was very upset and disappointed to receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £30 on April 13 2011, for parking in front of the old sweet shop in Caistor Market Place.

I have no qualms in paying this if I am in the wrong, but I do find it hard to swallow when people have been parking here for a long period of time and after receiving my fine I have photographic evidence of numerous other people parking in exactly the same spot without any such notice being served on them.

If the council (as I assume it is them that have instigated the PCSOs to issue these notices) do not wish people to park here then they should either put a notice up or have yellow lines painted on the road.

Another alternative would be to have proper car parking spaces marked out, so people know where they can park.

I was informed by the ticket officer that I was blocking the highway, but it is no different to parking on the road outside my house, or the cars that park along North Kelsey Road at school time.

I do feel it is more than a bit unfair to randomly target people in this way, as I am sure anyone else will who received a ticket that day, and ask that more continuity is applied in this matter.