It’s your mess, you deal with it

EDITOR - How very convenient of Brigg MP Andrew Percy to turn to Old Joe Bloggs, us the public, in wanting a referendum to decide on whether to bring back the death penalty and thus clear the conscience of those weak MPs if we are all in this together. (Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, August 17, 2011).

Because, like it or not, “it’s their baby” and when the nappy needs changing and there’s dirty work to be done, then let those like Andrew Percy MP, who have volunteered for this work, get their hands to grips with this mess.

And as I pondered over the rest of his written word on how our “politicians have messed up and created this society we’ve got today”, I suddenly came to an abrupt halt and my little grey cells went into melt down when asking myself - what on earth is a referendum?

N Hoblyn

North Street