Is this democracy in action?

EDITOR – I would like to thank the writer of the letter: ‘Is this what they mean by democracy?’. It certainly gave me an inside view into the workings of the town council.

The preposterous decision on how the recent vacancies were filled was at the least undemocratic.

I would have thought that if there were five applications for two vacancies there would be an election. I believe the majority of the people of Market Rasen would agree with me on this. Whatever grounds they use to justify this decision may be legally correct, but it is completely morally WRONG.

I, like the writer of the letter, do not have any preference for any particular candidate. In fact I do not know any of them, so consider myself completely neutral.

Surely the two newly-appointed councillors should resign and give us, the local electorate, the election we not only deserve, but I believe is our right.

Perhaps it is time we started attending their council meetings, as is our right, to see what else they are doing to keep this club to themselves.

Time for some new blood.

Nigel Cook

Market Rasen

EDITOR’S CLARIFICATION: Under election law, if, within the 14 days the Notice of Vacancy is displayed, 10 electors of the parish request West Lindsey’s returning officer to hold an election, an election is held. If electors do not make a request the council may fill the vacancy by co-option (ie members appoint without election). The Rasen Mail understands 10 electors did not contact the returning officer.