Is the free press actually free or do you have an agenda Rasen Mail?

EDITOR – Where do you start nowadays writing a letter to the Rasen Mail?

In the wake of one of the great masterpieces of our time; what once seemed a relatively straight forward exercise has been made to look anything but by the great C J Belton of Oxford Street, a man as published as Nino Hobyln tried this week and I was sorely disappointed.

Do we close the Rasen Mail letters page in honour of CJ I hear you ask?

Well, I must admit I thought that was the only course of action in the wake of what surely is our only chance of encountering genius in our lifetimes. I mean, how to improve on perfection?

But then I happened across one of the most unexpected pieces of belligerence of recent times and decided that freedom of speech was crucial even if it did besmirch the memory of a few weeks past.

You may think that the Tories waging war on tax avoidance was at odds with their 5p in the pound tax cut on the rich? You may think that the much talked ‘about lack of bins on the McColls side of the street’ was in odds with the ‘clean up Market Rasen’ campaign (I can also feel your anger rising about the missing postbox near McColls, but that is an issue from a past fight).

But I have a different axe to grind.

A great deal of work has been put in by the Market Rasen BIG campaign. I applaud them. A difficult task at best and one that a lot of people, who have the same ideals, are quick to dismiss, as ultimately destined to fail (cynics, realists and also can’t be bothered sort of folk).

For those tweeters that previously enjoyed the odd Market Rasen tweet on your Market Rasen tweetdeck search, that found some curious and entertaining tweets about Market Rasen (not on race days), maybe the BIG have not been the best thing since sliced bread.

However, their heart is in the right place and I suppose that is what matters. So I say to everyone in Market Rasen, support these would be bringers of prosperity and help make this community better.

Today, with these values in mind I have altered my opinion on the Great British/Rasen Press.

What is the Rasen Mail thinking with their front page? Surely that is counter productive?

In the past, the much maligned Nino Hoblyn, has expressed concern at the local politicians getting a free reign in the Rasen Mail.

Now it appears that the Rasen Mail are keen to support their brethren and prop up a few administrative roles at West Lindsey at the expense of the traders of Market Rasen.

I can obviously see the Rasen Mail’s thinking (suck up to the councillors and all that), but it appears they want to shut a few more shops down.

In the days of the dieing newspaper, one would have thought they might have shown a tad more backbone and dignity as a last hurrah for the printed press.

It appears to me that the Rasen Mail editor has seen that the internet and twitter are the future or maybe they enjoyed the council’s promotional literature so much, that now it has been cut back, the Rasen Mail must fill this void.

Shame on you Rasen Mail! I wonder have they promised you a nice office in Gainsborough.

I myself have never got an editor’s response. Nino, maybe I could join your very limited group?

Alex Graham

Market Place, Market Rasen.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Far be it for me to turn down a request for a response.

I too applaud the efforts of MR BIG and would also encourage all Market Rasen residents to work to make the community a better place, hats off to Rhona Sheppard and her 19 strong team for collecting 14 bags of litter from alongside Willingham Road cycle path.

I do question how the Market Rasen Mail can be seen to want to close shops when we have a continuing Buy Local campaign. In terms of our front last week we highlighted good and bad.

When the council does something positive for the town, like freezing taxes, we cover it.

Likewise when they make a hash of it, the ongoing pigeon problem springs to mind or the proposed bus cuts we campaigned against, the newspaper again offer fair and balanced coverage, whether it’s in print, on twitter, on Facebook or our website.

However one of the best things about the free press is it’s just that, free. I was thrilled to read C.J Belton’s letter, always appreciate the thoughts of Mr Hoblyn and am grateful for your letter Alex, the Market Rasen Mail is not shaped by MR BIG, politicians, or its editor, it’s shaped by every one of our readers just like you – we look forward to hearing the opinions of all of you.