Immigration - Those leaving also count

Far be it for me to be cynical, however the NET migration figures, disclosed yesterday, are irrelevant unless one discloses where the gross incoming and outgoing are from. There were 624,000 migrants to the UK last year and 327,000 people left the UK in the same period giving a net migration of 298,000.

My wife and I have personally had 2 sons leave the UK in that year. One is a highly paid Marketing Director, now living in Boston, USA and the other son and his wife, were both long serving Police officers, now living and working in Australia. A friend of ours has a son, a teacher, who has emigrated with his wife, a Lincolnshire Police officer, to Perth, and there is a well organised and ongoing campaign to recruit top quality Police, Medical and Professional personnel from the UK.

The only people this Government seem to be committed to keeping in this country are bankers, on huge bonuses, and people who are determined to travel abroad and join to fight with ISIS.

John E Saxon

Parliamentary Candidate for UKIP Gainsborough