If offer was made, why not accept the help?

EDITOR – Having just read previous comments regarding the state of the roads and pavements in the area made by staff at Market Rasen Surgery, I felt it necessary to write to you with my own opinion.

The doctor in question comments “....the roads are treacherous and it’s lucky that there haven’t been any serious incidents.”

I feel there now has been what I consider a serious incident. My mother, who lives in Middle Rasen, has slipped and fallen on the pavement in the village and broken her hip.

This has resulted in her having to be taken to Lincoln County Hospital and she was scheduled to have a complete hip replacement which resulted in her being in hospital over Christmas.

While my mother may be over retirement age, she is far from incapable of walking along the pavement unaided. She is out most weekends with her walking group and is very fit and active.

She is also self-employed and, as such, won’t be able to earn any money until this injury has healed.

It makes me wonder how the local councils expect people who are a little unsure on their feet to get out and about when the pavements and road resemble an ice-covered minefield.

I know they have been pushed to the limit with the amount of snow we had in such a short space of time, but surely by now they could have had teams clearing the less used routes of the packed ice and snow.

I have gathered from talking to people in other areas that parish councils have employed local businesses to come and help in the clearing of pavements and roads.

Apparently an offer was made to clear the pavements and roads around Middle Rasen and it was declined. This begs the question: ‘Why?’.

Surely we can put aside the health and safety paranoia when it is for the good of the population and ultimately the benefit of the entire country’s economy.

Rob Maultby