I would be happy for new health unit to be built ‘in my back yard’

EDITOR – Here we go again, objections to a mental health unit – The Brownlow.

I wish the Faldingworth objectors would be honest and say that they don’t want it affecting house prices or have them wandering around the village.

Are they really concerned about the lack of services and facilities?

After all, there is the bigger unit (for younger people) at Friesthorpe which is stuck out in the middle of nowhere and the supposed lack of facilities and it doesn’t seem to bother the Faldingworth objectors that much, but then it is out in the middle of nowhere.

It is a very successful unit and I am sure that the Kisimul Group are not going to set up new ones without ensuring that the quality of care is fully catered for.

If that quality wasn’t provided they know that they would soon be found out and, in extreme circumstances, closed down.

By comparison, the proposed unit is a small one ten beds and so it is not going to exactly dominate the area is it?

Yes, be honest, it is all about stigma, house prices and spoiling the ambiance of the village.

Easy for me to say, you may be thinking, seeing as I do not live there, but I would have no objection whatsoever if one was built right next to me.

In fact, in the past, I have lived next to a very large secure unit and never had any problems at all.

And, just incase you think that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I spent many years working in all sectors of mental health and so am very familiar with the kind of care that would be provided there.

No, I do not work for Kisimul or have any links with them.

Good job it hasn’t been turned into flats for ethnic minorities or gay people, otherwise we would be talking about racism and homophobia, but we are not and so that’s alright then eh?

As usual, people with mental health problems are at the bottom of the pile.

Terry Cordrey

North Kelsey Road,