I’m with our MP – let’s tear down wind farms

EDITOR – After returning from a course which entailed an advanced method of English literalism, which helps the writers of letters like myself to progress to a higher level of linguistics, my socks were blown off my plates of meat when reading the email sent in by Dave Pearce (Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, November 9).

“Where’s Nino?” he asks – by gad sir, for that question has been niggling me for the past 54 years now and still I cannot answer it. But thanks for askin, even though it won’t get you on my Christmas card list this year.

Anyhow, with a brand new stock of writing paper and a pen that shall never run out of ink – to Dave’s delight and, I’m sure, the editor’s – I return to matters of far greater importance with a fellow Caistor man like myself in the form of Peter Sanderson, who sent in an email which carried the headline “Wind farms would be of benefit to us all”.

For this, I’m afraid, is where we beg to differ and, lo and behold, I take the same view as Edward Leigh MP on wanting these monstrous carbuncles taken down this very instant and replaced by another hi-tec invention that’s being tried and tested in the south of England at the highly secretive base in Slough.

I’m led to believe that this will not only be more environmentally friendly than windfarms, but will have the added bonus of generating an indefinite power of electricity, which also keeps the wife quiet and in good trim when she is working the ‘treadmill’.

Nino Hoblyn