I don’t believe it!

EDITOR – How many people, on reading the headline ‘Services must remain at our post offices’, began to shake their head in wonderment while letting out a howl of pure disbelief at the prophetic words of one Edward Leigh MP (Market Rasen Mail, September 26, 2012).

Reading further, he had the gall to mention the pub along with the post office, while knowing full well that these establishments have closed and are still closing by the hundreds, leaving thousands upon thousands without jobs.

Yet no word came forth about the dire situation back then or now. And your own words, while trying to pass the buck that the current Government has inherited a massive debt from the previous one, doesn’t ring too well with you and your crew still haemorrhaging billions and billions of pounds from England to the thankless pit of the EU, along with the rest of the world.

Nino Hoblyn