I did take action, just not to the letter of the planning department

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EDITOR – In reply to your article of Wednesday, August 10.

Your article makes it sound as though I had done nothing. This is not the case.

1. The soil bund. I had built a soil bund but it is the wrong shape, it has a pointed top and should be flat, and it is made from the wrong soil.

2. The wheel cleaner. I did install a wheel cleaner but it is a dry cleaner and it should be wet.

3. The planting. I did plant the hedging but I used hawthorn and blackthorn only and I should have used holly and field maple as well. I also used blue and yellow tree protectors and should have used clear ones.

4. Site construction. The site is four acres and approx half an acre was not hardcored.

5. Litter net. I installed a three metre high litter net supported on steel posts driven into the ground and three straining wires running the whole way round. This was not good enough as the net should have been on triangular tressles.

Yes I am guilty. I did not do things to the letter of the planning.

Clifford Page