I’d prefer a better bus service

Editor – Re the letter headed ‘Fortunate to live in a great area for sport’ (letters, July 13, by Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh).

If I lived in any area of the country that doesn’t have any sport, I wouldn’t call that unfortunate for myself as I prefer to spend my time doing other things and going to non-sporting activities.

In the village of Saxilby, where I live, we have a shop that is also a newsagent 6am to 11pm, seven days a week; a Co-op; a post office; a chip shop; a railway station; Methodist and Anglican churches and a village hall with a lounge and another hall with a pantomime stage. Aren’t I lucky to have these facilities in my village?

I’m not lucky that bus services through my village knock off in early evenings and we have no Sunday bus service as I can’t drive.

Dick Appleyard

Lingfield Close, Saxilby