I blame council

EDITOR – I recently wrote a letter to Lincolnshire County Council complaining about the despicable way in which they handled the proposed relocation and now closure of Racing Start Day Nursery.

What I received in reply from Debbie Barnes – director of children’s services – was a standardised reply that had no bearing on, nor made any reference to, the points I had made.

My key issues were: the amount of money the council have wasted on a now-abandoned project, the false hope and promise they instilled in staff and parents and the fact that there is now no choice for full-time day care in Market Rasen.

All these points were clearly avoided in the letter I received in response.

To reiterate: Nicky East has not expected any help from the council; this help was offered freely, to stop Market Rasen being in the red for childcare.

Nicky has offered to rent the council building on King Street and take on the cost of refurbishment herself if Lincolnshire County Council will issue a change of use – an offer which has been refused.

As a parent, I chose Racing Start for my child over other local providers and I am disgusted that my choice has been so abruptly and unceremoniously removed.

For this, I hold Lincolnshire County Council accountable.

Mrs G M Smith

Loyal parent of Racing Start Nursery