I am not the man who has nominated candidate

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EDITOR – Bearing in mind that Turner is well up in the 50 most common surnames in this country it is hardly surprising that there are a great many Turners in this area unrelated to me.

More surprising is that there should be another, and wholly unrelated, Anthony H Turner living within five miles.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, which could be embarrassing to me and to my party, may I, through the pages of your newspaper, point out that the Anthony H Turner who nominated Cheryl Louise Turner, Liberal Democrat, of 23 South Street, Caistor is Anthony H Turner (also of 23 South Street, Caistor) and not myself: indeed, I have not signed any nomination papers for the forthcoming elections either for West Lindsey District or the Parish Councils.

Tony Turner

County Councillor Anthony H Turner

Swallow Cottage, Swallow Vale, Swallow


01472 371382