How long before the lights go out?

EDITOR – A rather strange case of affairs came about on Wednesday, July 13 with regards to one particular story in our Market Rasen Mail which ran with the headline ‘“Let There Be Lights,” says town councillor’, going on to inform the reader about a community-led drive to illuminate Market Rasen’s centre with £10,000 worth of festive lights this Christmas.

Because this same day a good friend of mine who resides in a place in England named Swindon just happened to be in Caistor on business and, when seeing my interest on writing a letter concerning this matter, turned to me and said: “Hold your horses until Friday, July 15 2011 when you have seen the BBC Ceefax.”

And so I waited until the given day, and lo and behold, what my eyes saw gave vent for concern with the news on Ceefax saying: “Street lights across Swindon will be switched off on Saturday, i.e. July 16, 2011, to save energy and money, with Swindon Borough Council also saying more than 400 lights would be switched off at weekends as part of a 12-month trial, adding that a saving of £20,000 a year at current electricity prices.”

Now, this gets me thinking and wondering. IF the council that be spends all £10,000 of the townfolks’ money on Christmas lights in Market Rasen and then brings in the same thing they are doing in Swindon, i.e. knocking out the town lights at the weekend for a 12-month trial, where would this leave all those bright lights in Market Rasen?

Taking one look in the diary will tell you Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, so it looks like candles, making a saving of £9,000.


Nino Hoblyn