Housing - We need a plan to create jobs

At a time when all communities, large and small, the length and breadth of this country, are desperate to encourage and attract industry and jobs into their areas, we in Market Rasen are celebrating that we have converted an industrial site into housing.

Although I am aware of the history of this site, the quote, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, is truly applicable.

This town has been poorly served for 40 years in terms of the implementation of anything that looks like a strategic plan.

Opportunities to underpin this community and the outlying areas with employment have been lost systematically with every green field that we have covered in houses.

West Lindsey District Council has been driven by the short-term gain of rates income.

This is a very easy way to generate income and does not require the level of effort or expertise needed to put together a package to attract the jobs that we need.

I could go on about the poor decisions made on planning and the lack of vision, but we all know where the opportunity of quality employment has been ceded to house building.

Even before Brexit, the powers that be had finally got it that we cannot sustain our country’s desired lifestyle on the back of service industry jobs.

Manufacturing is the key to the door of opportunity that will generate the income and tax revenues that we badly need now and in the future.

It is my hope that, while this wonderful photograph was being taken, there was a team of people looking to pin-point the best sites for factories in our area and working on a list of companies to attract here.

Andrew Morrison

by email