Household items can help to stir the memories and spark discussion

EDITOR – Check your drawers.

Have you any advertising memorabilia (bags, coat hangers, clothes brush, bill heads/invoices etc).

Some people keep family photos/documents in paper bags of yesteryear. Are they from shops around Market Rasen, Caistor, Brigg areas, such as Varlows, Lawson and Stockdale, Lace and Clark, Douthwaites, Halls etc?

If you have any of these items, I, reminiscence facilitator Christine Motley, would be pleased to hear from you.

I deliver a wide variety of themed sessions’ – two of which are ‘How we used to shop’ and ‘Dressing for the occasion’ for care homes, day centres, community groups etc, to encourage participants to share their memories and experiences in order to build up a picture of local social history through discussion.

I take many objects in for groups to handle and photographs to view to prompt communication in many parts of our county.

If you can help me obtain any of these extra items please contact me on 01472 348271.

I am a familiar sight around the area dressed as a 1940s housewife, a land army girl, school teacher etc, in accordance with the theme.

Christine Motley