Hospital - How long until it is closed?

Your newspaper is right to highlight the downgrading of facilities at Louth County Hospital.

I can remember the time when the hospital was something the district could be proud of.

Now, all we read about are a reduction in services and broken promises.

Most recently, the reduction in the number of beds in the two wards is nothing short of a scandal.

Wasn’t it only last year the full number of beds would be restored after improvements had been carried out?

Now, what do we find? That won’t be the case.

Other wards have been shut. The A&E department downgraded...I could go on.

How long will it be before the hospital closes completely?

We, the residents of this area, deserve better and so do the staff who are working so hard at the hospital to provide a service.

This Government should be investing in our health service, not running it down.

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