Heritage centre’s always looking to improve

EDITOR – I was really sorry to read in the letters page that Hazel Adams had a negative visit to the new Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre.

She was remarking that the heritage and history of Caistor was under-represented.

All of us involved in the setting-up of the Centre would wholeheartedly agree with this, but the building has very limited space and it is wonderful that we are able to house the Caistor Library and the cafe has become a hub of Caistor life and is also the financial means by which we can continue to run the centre.

What a pity she did not come when we had our brilliant exhibition of ‘Old Trades of Caistor’ curated by Alan Dennis, who also gives regular talks in the centre.

This was in the exhibition room for several weeks and featured video links with local people talking about their memories of the town. Some of the boards created for the exhibition are now displayed around the centre.

Many of the volunteers who man the library have local knowledge and can pass on queries and take messages about any local history.

A new fantastic exhibition of printmakers is going up as I write this and will run for six weeks – the aim of the centre is to reach out to as many people as possible and provide something of interest for everyone.

We run courses and workshops and the Library have interesting and fun projects for children.

We are continually striving to get more history and heritage into the centre and Hazel would be very welcome any time to come back and see for herself – our aim is to evolve and develop. We welcome any suggestions and even criticisms!